Design subject: “I PINETTI”

LAUNCH: 1st june 2021

DEADLINE: 1st November 2021

Riva Industria Mobili S.p.A., a company selling its own solid wood furniture Collection under the registered trademark of RIVA 1920, promotes the Design Award “Light up your idea” Japan Edition for the design of a new stool

Guidelines for materials:

  • Solid wood _ Riva 1920 – scented cedarwood of Lebanon, coming from controlled cut
  • sizes: seat Ø min.30cm max 40cm – H. 45 cm
  • creation: the object has to be obtained from a unique piece of cedarwood (maximum height 50 cm, maximum diameter 56 cm) using NC 6 axis machine

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Design: different from the other Riva 1920 stools, but representative of RIVA 1920 mood
  • Functionality: easy to produce and easy to use
  • technical feasibility
  • productive economy
  • commercial appeal

The projects having a simple and easy feasibility, but a high aesthetic impact combined with design, functionality and eco-sustainability, which best pursue the distinctive style of the Riva1920 Collection, will be favoured.

The competition is restricted to participants from Japan only